Player Development Centres (PDC)

The Inspire Suffolk Player Development Centre (PDC) programme was launched in September 2015 to deliver a games programme that allows participants to test their ability against other PDC centres and local clubs.

The boys PDC is an invitation-only programme and is designed to provide weekly advanced coaching to the best young footballers in Suffolk who are not currently in an academy set up.

The PDC Programme is split into six age groups – U8’s through to U13’s, with training taking place once a week.

It is through such games and training that our coaches are able to attain a more rounded assessment of each player, an important element of our PDC monitoring of their progression, both in terms of training and match play.

What you can expect from our Player Development Centres:

  • Improve player’s technical abilities.
  • All sessions are delivered by highly qualified coaches who work to a specifically designed technical programme which is age related with the main emphasis on development.
  • To create a learning pathway that provides opportunities into other elite centres and academies.
  • Provide an enjoyable, safe and secure learning environment.
    Show patience and understanding towards the players learning style and physical developments.
  • Provide relevant feedback, both verbal and written assessments (at the end of each term).
  • Compliment the player’s current provision (i.e. club footballs).

If you have any questions regarding our Player Development Centre, please contact our Head Office through the ‘enquire’ button below or call 01473 353194.