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Our Step Forward programme aims to engage groups of young people who are in their final years of education. We support young people in years 12 or 13 with a programme of learning which supports their continued education and helps to facilitate their successful progression on completion of their current studies.

The programme provides young people with a setting to explore options for their future, understanding more about how their current experiences, can equip them for the future, build soft skills needed for employment and understand appropriate techniques to successfully identify and apply for suitable next steps after completion of their current studies.

Step Forward is always delivered in partnership with education providers, tailored to needs – adding value to existing education and supporting positive outcomes on completion.

Funded by the Ipswich Opportunity Area funding. 

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The main themes included in Step Forward programmes include:

  • Career mapping – Identifying transferable skills and matching with life goals
  • First Impressions – Making the most of initial contacts with employers and training providers
  • Experience – Understanding of the diverse range of job roles available locally
  • Understanding the job market – Preparation for finding work and planning for the future

However, sessions and programmes are tailored around an assessment of the needs of the learners and in partnership with the sixth form/college. Therefore, the programme and structure may well vary.

If you see us holding a sign-up session in your school or college, come and say hello! Otherwise, to sign for Step Forward please speak to your head of year/tutor/progress tutor or similar representative and request to be referred to Inspire Suffolk. You can also contact Neil Fox or Garry Mills on 01473 353194.

If you have a young person that you would like to refer to Inspire Suffolk, please get in touch and we will be able to guide them onto the best option for them.

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Step Forward is fully funded by the Ipswich Opportunity Area funding for delivery in all Ipswich sixth forms & colleges. If Step Forward is not yet being delivered in your college or Sixth Form, you can contact us on 01473 353 194 and our team will be happy to discuss the available options.

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Courses vary in length and are tailored to the needs of each establishment and group of students, but typically consist of 5-6 sessions delivered either as a block in one week or spread throughout a term.

Step Forward is delivered in sixth forms and colleges in Ipswich to ensure young people can participate without effecting their usual timetable.

Step Forward runs at different times in each establishment, but typically during study periods, lunchtimes or at the end of the usual day.

In addition to the support young people receive through the delivery of the programme, there is also the opportunity for young people to receive ongoing support from a trained mentor through our delivery partners Volunteering Matters.

We would like to thank the Ipswich Opportunity Area for supporting our Step Forward courses.

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If you require advice, get in touch using the details below

telephone 01473 353194